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My Boyfriend is addicted to Lego Shopping February 8, 2012

Filed under: Addictions,Relationships — leatierney @ 7:57 pm

You get a mortgage and then start regressing? Okay, fair enough, that’s actually pretty normal and to be expected. In fairness I think I instigated this whole regression thing. Not intentionally as such, I definitely don’t want to be in a relationship with a man of 26 with the mental age of a 9 year old. But we’d talked about the magic of Christmas and all the things that had made it sparkle when we were children (obviously not so glittery shine-y now we’re “grown ups”) and he told me all about the joy of unwrapping Lego on Christmas morning and spending the day building things with his brothers. So for Christmas I decided that one of his presents definitely had to be some Lego. I went to Selfridges and came out with LEGO. I decided against a big thing of Lego in case he didn’t really get the reference and didn’t see the funny side (it was fairly early days) so he ended up with a plane/snow mobile/something else boy-ey (it’s a 3 in 1 thingy – so even better). Arriving at his house Christmas morning I was even less sure of my purchase despite this being the guy who nearly peed himself with excitement when I bought him bath salts because they smelled “like good”. I needn’t have worried because as he started opening his presents he turned to his Mum but spoke to me “I hope you bought me Legos, no one else bothered”…. “WOW YOU BOUGHT ME LEGOOOOSSSS!”

It seems I have created a monster. Instead of cracking on with his seriously heavy duty work load for his very sensible grown up job he’s spending considerable amounts of time surfing the net lusting after more Lego kits that he can add to his collection “when I get my own house I’ll have loads of room for it”…hmmm…”Ah, do you know what would be totally awesome? If I had a house made of Legos”. Right.

A few days ago I had a text message saying he was on his way to Bluewater for a client meeting. Shortly after “I might pop to the Lego shop while I’m over here” yes that’s convenient isn’t it. And then “….YEEEAAAH LEGO SHOP!!! I GOTS ME A QUAD BIKE”.

My first question to him after his very sensible investment?

If you got Lego, can I have a new fairy for my collection?


3 Responses to “My Boyfriend is addicted to Lego Shopping”

  1. sonya27 Says:

    Love it. Keep them coming

  2. leatierney Says:

    Thanks for reading. Sure will xx

  3. Mary Stringer Says:

    Reblogged this on Mary Stringer.

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