It's a Wonderful Life…

…isn't it…?

February 13, 2012

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Mary Stringer

If you wish to interest and impress people then it is incredibly important to appear as mysterious as possible in all situations. Mystery doesn’t come easily to every woman; no, it is far more tempting to doctrine every minuscule detail of your personal life in an online blog for everyone to read. Using this personal anti-expertise as a foil, I will now endeavour to guide you on how to be titillating and mysterious, supplementing each tip with a personal example for clarity.

1. Never boast. Rather, sprinkle no more than a tangy hint of an achievement or accomplishment you wish to highlight into a conversation, so that the other person prompts you for more information. Try to look modest if you can, then tell them briefly about your scientific discovery / recent coronation, and beg the listener not to tell anyone – “It’s such a trifle really”. This will make the listener…

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  1. leatierney Says:

    This is just one of many fantastic posts by Mary Stringer, she’s hilarious please follow her x

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