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Twelve Signs your Parents are Tragically Addicted to Facebook February 15, 2012

  1. Your Mum can tell you what all your friends’ status have been updated to today.
  2. Your Dad starts up a debate on what colour your hair should be using a picture you have been tagged in as a reference.
  3. That burning smell coming from the kitchen. That’s dinner.
  4. Your Dad sits through you talking to him without offering a single response to what you’ve said but merrily chuckles away to himself whilst tapping the screen on his phone. That’ll cost you Royal Bank of Dad.
  5. Your Mum starts talking about old photos on your boyfriend’s profile page. The walls start to feel like they are closing in around this stage.
  6. The teenager in the household deletes his Facebook account and switches to Twitter in the hope that it will take them years to catch up. And Facebook is his LIFELINE.
  7. Your friends start a conversation with “Erm, this is awkward, but I’ve had a friend request from your Mum…”
  8. Or (and I am yet to decide which is worse), your friend starts a conversation with “Oh yeah I was talking to your Mum about that earlier”….??!?!
  9. Your Dad attempts an “I have more Facebook friends than you” type of competition. Sigh.
  10. Your “Newsfeed” no longer shows any news except that your Mother “likes” 50 odd things on Facebook and your Dad has continued his debate over your hair colour…for 50 pages.
  11. You end up having to give your parents a “Facebook for Dummies” tutorial in order to stop them disgracing themselves (you).
  12. Your parents start attempting to censor your posts in case you start disgracing yourself (them).

3 Responses to “Twelve Signs your Parents are Tragically Addicted to Facebook”

  1. mattanory Says:

    My mum doesn’t understand how walls work (obviously the Facebook wall, not the structure that often supports a ceiling; they’re fairly easy to work out).

    As such, everything she writes is as a status- even wishing people happy birthday!

    • leatierney Says:

      I had to explain to both parents the difference between posting on your own wall, someone elses wall and sending a private message before it all got very messy. Facebook for dummies are us 🙂

  2. Christina Says:

    Trust me, I’m off much worse! My mum was trying to register onfacebook, encouraged by a friend’s email invitation (NOT BY ME!). But she doesn’t understand how to log on again after registering so she just registered twice and ended up with TWO facebook accounts! And one of them isn’t actually accessible because the new one has overriden the email address as ID and of course she doesn’t remember the password anymore… I have deleted her other account and she is now again in a world without facebook. Actually, at least my advantage would have been that whatever I’m posting they wouldn’t understand as they can’t speak English! The less fortunate party pics would of course still remain a potential risk… Great blog, Lea!

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