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Oh For The Love of…CAKE!!! March 7, 2012

“I love cake” proclaims my Mum, “Yes Mother I know” I sigh, “No, you don’t understand I REALLY LOVE CAKE” she mumbles. She’s mumbling because she’s trying not to drop crumbs down herself and that’s kind of the give away that she has a bit of a love thing for cake: “from the jam stain on your t-shirt should I presume that’s a Victoria Sponge Cake?” I enquire. Her answer: “Nope, S’gone”.

My Mother is NOT a role model for healthy living. Her penchant for cake goes so far that she nearly screamed the house down when she saw that a chocolate gateaux required two hours defrosting time: “TWO HOURS?! I can’t wait two hours” she pauses for breath, “WAIT… it say’s if you slice it, it takes FOURTY FIVE minutes less…RESULT.” The madwoman then proceeds to the shed to fetch a chainsaw (ok not exactly a chainsaw but at that angle the carving knife was easily mistaken for one) “If I slice it into LOTS of pieces it’ll defrost EVEN quicker.” This statement is then followed by a manic evil scientist hatching a master plan of world domination style cackle: “Mwahahahahaha…CAAAAKKKEE!”

Ten minutes later:

Mother is literally watching gateaux defrost: “Do you think if I blow on it, it will defrost quicker?”

Two minutes later:

“Oh, sod it; I’ll just eat it frozen. Who needs teeth anyway?!”


3 Responses to “Oh For The Love of…CAKE!!!”

  1. sonya27 Says:

    Love it x x

  2. My husband and youngest son (he’s 13) are sugar FREAKS! I’m constantly finding candy wrappers and the ill effects of hidden treats stashed away in places they hope I won’t look (like in a sock drawer…seriously, guys?). So I can relate to your mother’s obsession. But I still don’t get it. Why chip your teeth on a frozen cake when you can enjoy a mouth-watering plate of French fries. Mmm…now that’s worth risking your health over!

    • leatierney Says:

      the teenager in our household does something similar with sweet wrappers actually, think its a boy thing actually. No she has a real sweet tooth, doesnt really have an interest in savoury things. Thanks for stopping by and reading. And thanks for much for taking the time to comment. I have set up a link into your blog on my blog roll so more people can have a chuckle at your writing 🙂 take care x

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