It's a Wonderful Life…

…isn't it…?

NO! Your OTHER left March 21, 2012

My Sat Nav and I have quite the love – hate relationship. You see she just loves getting me lost and I simply hate her telling me: “lost satellite reception” always at a critical point in the journey.  The BF asks me why I even bother with a Sat Nav because, of course, he knows how to get just about everywhere, and I am very pleased for him for this – no really. The reason he knows every single road and lane wherever we’re going at all times? Because and I quote: “I cycle round here” “I cycle round here” “I cycle round here”. So I gather you cycle round here then? Yes that’s right you’ve cycled just about everywhere well done you. “I cycle round here”. Excellent, then get out of my car and produce your bike from where the sun doesn’t shine and cycle yourself back home then. Which he does. Ah, great, how do I get home now? “Lost. Satellite. Reception”…

The other thing she does is say left when really she means right – or even just straight ahead. My story (and I’m sticking to it) is that she makes up the maps as she goes along depending on her mood: the little “(re)calculating” madam. However, I have gathered that it’s not just her sense of direction that’s at fault because when she says left my boyfriend points out that, actually, no she means my OTHER left. Oh. Oh dear. She doesn’t need to shout at me though, it’s not my fault she gives me such short notice “in 3 miles make a u turn” (ah, I missed an OTHER left, again) followed by silence and then “make a u – turn, MAKE A U – TURN NOW!”.Ah well, you get to see the best of the country’s prettiest roundabouts and learn exactly where all the best u – turn points are this way. Anyone for a nice drive in the country?



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