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My night as a fashionista with Love Is Boutique December 2, 2012

My apologies, once again, for a prolonged absence, dear readers, it’s been rather a hectic month or two and I simply haven’t been able to squeeze in blogging at the same time.

I was delighted at being contacted on Twitter by the lovely owner of Love Is Boutique to ask if I would be interested in attending their Press and Bloggers night on the 29th November?! Of course I said yes immediately and eagerly anticipated the delights in store – I do rather like something shiny and sparkly – whilst hiding my credit card (just in case, of course).

Having never been to the boutique before I was completely unsure what to expect so decided to take a friend along with me for moral support (and restraint). Having battled the usual Tunbridge Wells “rush hour”

Press and Bloggers Night at Love Is Boutique

Press and Bloggers Night at Love Is Boutique

(a.k.a every hour) traffic we parked at the Trinity Theatre which is just 500 yards down the road from the boutique. We walked past the shop at first and then doubled back, having caught a glimpse of their fairytale front window display. Pushing open the entrance door our entrance was not marked by the sound of a bell but by a cheery hello and welcome. We were handed a glass of bubbly each (win), our coats were politely stored by the hostesses and we were invited to explore the four different rooms and try on whatever we fancied. I was interested to understand the reasons for the press night and the ladies explained that they were relaunching the store to head more in the direction of pre loved designer rather than simply vintage finds.

We took the invite to explore and play as literally as it was intended and delved right into the Aladdin’s Cave of treasures. Whilst I may not be able to differentiate between the stylings of Blahnik and Vuitton I could definitely find some gorgeous pieces: and not all

of them would require me to disgrace myself financially, in fact, I would say that there was something to fit most fashionista budgets. Honestly I can say that once I realised one of our hostesses had worked for a big name in the fashion industry and I was the least fashion savvy person in attendance I expected a little bit of disdain towards my lack of label awareness: I couldn’t have been more wrong. We were made to feel very welcome and our hostesses emphasised their policy of not allowing a lady to leave their shop wearing something that didn’t look a million dollars on them (irrespective of the price tag).

I also found my stance on real fur vs. faux fur somewhat challenged by the concept of a vintage fur as opposed to a current fur trade. That’s not to say I intend to go out and get myself one but I am intrigued by the fact that the demand for real fur has raised considerably recently and I have been left wondering why. I won’t be getting stuck into this controversial issue today but I will be doing some research into this that I can share with you all at a later date.

We left the press night with a lovely goody bag each (ANOTHER win), a feeling of having had a serious (ly fun) girls night out with friends and an invite to return at any time to inspire my foray into fashion blogging. The BF was proud to discover that I hadn’t bankrupted myself that evening. Well, not yet, anyway…

I’ll be sharing some of the photos I took on the night on Twitter for those of you that also like to  go “ooooh PRETTY” 🙂 Ive also been even further inspired by Paula’s successful independent boutique to commence a feature on women who have started up their own business so watch this space (or please do get in touch if you are such a lady).